Mountain passes we crossed in the Himalayas

In our three months in North India, we spent most of our time in the Kashmir valley, Zanskar valley and the ever so stunning Ladakh.It was a time when we called the Himalayas our home and the navigating the mountain passes was our daily commute!

This is a photo essay of the high altitude mountain passes that we experienced.

Sinthan Pass

"Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis"

“Sinthan Top, Kashmir, India”

Perennial snow cover is the main attraction of this pass. On the right of this photo, the zigzags of this road are seen.

Zoji la

"Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis"

“Zojilla Pass, India”

The Greater Himalayas on one side and the Indus deep down the other, the graveled uneven roads makes this one of the most dangerous Himalayan passes.Its tough to imagine, that in the not-too-distant past, a ferocious war was fought right here.

Penzi la

"Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis"

“Zanskar valley, India”

The only pass on the only motor-able road that connects Zanskar valley to the rest of the country.On a regular day, one wouldn’t cross more than 15 vehicles throughout the stretch of the 250 km gravel road that connects Padum in Zanskar with Kargil.

Namika la

"Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis"

“Lamayuru, Ladakh, India”

The first pass after Kargil on the Srinagar-Leh highway, also a part of NH1-D.

Fotu la

"Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis"

“Lamayuru, Ladakh, India”

The last and the highest pass on the Srinagar-Leh highway. The roads are in an excellent condition and it is a pleasure to drive.

Rohtang Pass

"Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis"

“Journey from Kelong to Manali, India”

So you think you are almost there. Its a new day. Before noon, you’ll be walking along the Beas in Manali.But before that – there is the Rohtang. A monster of a pass on the Leh-Manali route. A pass no driver will cross in the night, the most talked about stretch in the entire journey.

The journey through the entire Rohtang Pass, is not something you will forget…EVER!


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